Tuesday, 8 December 2015

10 Signs my daughter is a Threenager

Since turning 3 and a half Paige has developed a right little attitude. Quite luckily we skipped the terrible twos but the threenager stage defiantly isn't a walk in the park. Don't get me wrong she isn't a terror all of the times. But boy she is giving us a run for your money.

The top 10 signs she is a threenager...

1) She never wants to sleep unless it is the most inconvenient time then she doesn't want to get up.

2) She hates every food she previously liked and wants to live off doughnuts.

3) She wants to pick her own clothes and insists of being dressed like a marshmallow everyday (head to toe in pink) or wants to change outfits multiple times a day.

4) She puts us in time out for not doing what she wants or she refuses to come out of time out.

5) She refuses to leave the house without a bag filled with important possessions, ie: an empty loo roll, stickers, a tiny duck and her shopping list pad.

6) She demands Little Mix on repeat.

7) It takes her 20 minutes to take her shoes off.

8) She wants to stay in her room and play alone.

9) She starts bribing you!

10) She repeats EVERYTHING!

Do you have a threenager?

Nicola Xx


  1. Haha love this can relate to them all! So funny when they put you in time out and the bag full of possessions!! Amelia put the house phone, toilet roll and some cutlery in her school bag yesterday lol xx

  2. hehehe....She looks so angelic!
    I have a teen which is just as fun...lol

  3. Ohhh yes. I most definitely have a threenager. And we had the terrible two's... in fact he's had an attitude since he was 18 months old! His latest thing is to scream / screech as loud as he can. Which is loads of fun when you're in a supermarket! xx


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