Wednesday, 23 December 2015

18 Months Old

I can't believe that Parker is now officially 18 months old. 1 and a half just seems so big. Exactly two years ago we announced we were pregnant with him. The month passed within a blink of an eye. It only feels like he turned one the other week. If the next six months go just as quickly I'm in big trouble but I'm not ready for him to turn two.

He looks so grown up and people always comment on that. I wish he still looked like a baby but he doesn't. He's losing his chubbiness baby looks very quickly. He has really light hair still and big browny green eyes. They aren't fully brown yet but they look they will be soon. They are a lot browner than Paige's as hers are very much dark green. He now has 16 teeth and just has his four last molars to come through.


He is so cheeky and a real little boy. He gets into trouble more than Paige ever has. He loves dinosaurs, cars and trains. But equally loves teddies, blankets and dolls. He was trying to feed Paige's doll the other day. He is so gentle and sweet. He loves cats and loves stroking them and us!

His speech is coming on really well. This month he learnt to say Santa, ho ho ho, Millie and monkey. He has a good go at trying to say more or less every word we ask him too. He still loves to sing. He also loves to try count.

His eating is sometimes really good and sometimes not so good. Probably a bit like me he goes through stages. His favourites are banana, carrots and crisps. He likes most fruit. With veg he will demolish carrots. He hates peas. Everything else depends on what mood he is in.

He runs around and dances like a pro. His legs are really strong and his balance is also quite good. He loves colouring, drawing and stickers. He likes playdoh but hasn't played with it all that much. He loves blocks and building. He loves shape sorters and is really good at working things out. I think he's going to be very much like his dad with the way his mind works.
I just can't believe that he is 1 and a half.
I hope time slows down a little bit before he turns two.
Nicola Xx


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