Thursday, 3 December 2015

byStroom Review

Ever since I was little I've loved bags. It seems that Paige is exactly the same as me as she loves bags already. She's always carrying one around. We were both recently send a bag from byStroom.

Both bags arrived quickly and in good packaging.

Paige's bag is gorgeous. It is the Gry light mint children's rucksack. There are a variety of different colours available for both boys and girls. The bag itself is made from artificial leather that is water resistant and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, a must in my eyes for any children's product.

The bag features zips and lots of pockets. The zipper pullers are large enough for little hands to grab them easily. The size of the bag is great. It is perfect for slightly older children, I wouldn't want Parker to wear it as it too big for him but its perfect for Paige. It fits a lot of things inside which is great for days out but I wouldn't let Paige carry it as it does get pretty heavy.

The straps are nice and quite thick, there is also an added strap that clips around the child's stomach. The straps are also adjustable, meaning the bag can grow with your child.

The bag is really well made and such lovely quality. It is priced at £40 which is a lot for a children's bag but this bag will last and grow with you child. Paige can't wait to use hers for school next year.

My bag is the Bea black and gold changing bag.  I honestly wasn't sure about the black and gold but in person it looks gorgeous. In fact it doesn't look like a changing bag at all, no one would ever know. That means I can use it with and without the children. Again this bag is made from artificial leather as well so is water resistant and can be wiped clean. The shape of the bag makes it quite unique. The braided straps also give the bag some detail and interest.

There is also a long strap so you can wear the bag across body which is such a useful feature when you have children in both arms. I can just pop the bag across body and forget about it. You can also use this strap to pop the bag over the stroller. A great feature and sometimes my bag lives on the stroller! You can also purchase stroller straps too which is a nice option to stop the bag falling down the handles. This strap is also removable. I tend to remove the strap when I'm on my own without the children.

Inside the bag is very spacious and has so many pockets. I love them all. I feel so much more organised when everything has a place. There are two main parts to the bag and one central zipped pocket. Each side of the bag as many pockets, 8 in total. There are also to outside pockets. There is a double zip which I love. It means the inside is really easy to access.

The bag is quite big which I love but some people won't. I am a huge fan of big bags but I know some people prefer smaller ones. If you prefer smaller bags byStroom also have some lovely smaller bags. This bag is the perfect size if you have multiple children. I can carry my things, Parkers things and Paige's things all in one bag. I hate having multiple bags.

Included is a changing kit which contains a changing mat, a zipped bag with pockets and a bottle holder. All the kit is grey which makes it very unisex and quite stylish. The changing mat isn't very thick and I don't use it alone to change Parker but I will normally pop it onto something sofa to protect it. I love the zippered bag. So handy to keep nappies and wipes together. You could also keep a spare change of clothes in there. It is very adaptable to what you need. The whole thing is easy to clean.

The Bea changing bag retails at £90 which is a good price. The bag is lovely quality and feels really nice. It has a good weight but isn't too heavy when filled. There are a range of colours.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent these bags for the purpose opinions are our own*


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