Friday, 4 December 2015

Cold Toes

Now that the cold weather is here, so are cold floors! We have laminate flooring in our kitchen and it gets cold, I mean really cold! We also don't have a radiator in our kitchen.
For quite a while now me and Mark have discussed the idea of underfloor heating. I think it's something that we would definitely consider when we finally buy a house of our own but that wont be anytime soon. Yes we could totally wear slippers and have nice cosy feet but Millie always hides them as she thinks they are her babies! Yes, the cat has issues.

When Mark came home from work the other day he had this look on his face, I knew he was up to something! He sat down and told me he had some interesting news. It turns out he had been talking to our landlord for the past couple of weeks. Our landlord had told Mark that he was looking into replacing some carpets and floors in the house and wanted our opinion. We had new carpets in the bedrooms put down just before we moved in but the others need updating. Mark had said that we would be happy with whatever he decided, but he insisted he wanted our input. We've said we'd like pretty neutral carpets for the hall, stairs and living room. Our carpets now are wild, flowery and very busy. Not our taste at all. I think neutral, but not too light, is the way to go!  There are so many luxury flooring ideas around we literally have no clue where to start.

Do you get a nice thick carpet or a stylish solid wood floor? I guess for a kitchen and bathroom your choices are little easier as carpets aren't very practical or hygienic. But what do we go for in our living/dining room? A wood floor would be easy to keep clean but colder. A rug would help but than that's just an added expense. A nice thick carpet would be lovely but as we have a joint living/dining area it would get very dirty quite quickly.

What do you have in your living/dining room? Does it work well?

Nicola Xx


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