Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Resolutuions Recap

I feel like I normally do quite well with new year resolutions but this year I think I failed quite badly.

1) I want to learn how to use my camera better.

This has been a resolution for the past two years. Each year I've failed. In fact this year I've used my camera even less than normal.

2) I want to read again.

Never happened. I don't make enough time for myself.

3) I want to get healthier. 

Sort of happened. I toned up a little and was on a health kick around summer time but I really need to get into the habit of regular exercise.

 4) Get more organised around the house and in general.

Failed at organising the house. Me myself i am more organised and i am using my planners so much which is helping.

5) Start driving lessons. I don't care if I don't pass this year but I want to at least start my lessons. 
6) Be more confident. Try new things. Take a chance sometimes!
I feel like I've done this one proud. I started a planner instagram account and even a planner Youtube account and posted videos.
7) Grow my hair.
Yep I've grown my hair and now i feel the urge to chop it all off.

I'm really struggling with new resolutions for next year. I think the key has to be consistency. Do you usually keep your resolutions?

Nicola Xx


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