Saturday, 23 January 2016

19 Months Old

In 5 months Parker will be 2 years old. 5 months may seem quite far away but in reality time goes far too quickly when you have a child. They grow up far too quickly.
 This month Parker is still doing a lot of the things he was doing last month. He's still so cheeky and gets into trouble so much. His speech is coming on well. He doesn't say as much as other 19 month olds but he says quite a bit more than Paige did. He also put two words together on his own for the first time this month and said ''dada's car''.
He's also moved up into size 5 nappies. He's wearing 12-18 month trousers and 18-24 month tops. He's quite a bit smaller than Paige at this age but always has been smaller than her. She was always 95th percentile while Parker is very much average for his age.

Speaking of Paige he loves her more than anything in the world. They play so well together and he's really getting the hang of sharing with her, when he's in the mood anyway. He's also really good with babies. We've had some friends over with a little 5 month old and he was so gentle. A bit like he is with Millie. He strokes her so gently.

He still has one nap but can miss it and be fine.  Most of his tantrums are when he is hungry, he's such a boy!

He loves to dance and jump. His favourite toys are definitely cars or anything with wheels. But he does love playing with babies and will share food with them. He also loves to make all his soft toys roar. But did learn that a cow says 'moo' this month although he still prefers to make it roar.

He has 16 teeth so only 4 more to go. His cheeks so very red, he gets grumpy and has had a sore bum on and off so I think we might be seeing more teeth soon.

He is such a loving little boy and loves a cuddle and a kiss. He also loves waving at everyone and blowing kisses.

Nicola Xx

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