Friday, 1 January 2016

A Hard Few Months

As the beginning of a new year starts I always find myself looking back on the past year and reflecting. I think its a very normal and quite useful to do.

The first half of last year was pretty uneventful. We celebrated Paige turning 3 and Parker turning 1. We had some lovely trips to wales and down south to see family.

The second half of year wasn't so kind. To me more than anyone. In July I had suspected appendicitis. They operated to find I had a burst ovarian cyst. Recovering from that was hard. It was my first ever surgery and I wasn't able to pick the kids up for a good couple of weeks. Most recently I've had other problems, I don't want to go into details and its ongoing but I've had a far few appointments, tests and treatment which I am still healing from. I'm waiting for results to come back and we are hoping for good news.

I've had a hard few months. There have been a lot of tears and not many happy moments. I'm hoping that 2016 will see some good news but if not then I will get through it with the help of family and friends.

I am very nervous to see what this year holds but all we can do is face each day at a time.

I'm ready for 2016!

I have no idea what will happen in 2016 but I'm about to find out!

Nicola Xx


  1. I didn't know you'd had such a tough few months hunny, lots of love and I hope this year is more positive for you xxx

  2. I wasn't aware of this at all - apart from your hospital stay. Wishing you lots of love for the coming year x

  3. Oh no, had no idea hun. Hope everything's okay and it's a less stressful 2016 xx

  4. Sorry to hear that you've been having such a tough time. I hope 2016 is more positive for you and that you get the results you're hoping for.


  5. Fingers crossed all will be well and 2016 will hold all sorts of good things for you and your lovely family xx

  6. Sorry to hear that you've not had a good time. Hoping 2016 brings the good news you want.

    Anna -

  7. Sending you well wishes and happiness for 2016 xx

  8. Oh no sorry to read this, hope 2016 is much happier for you

  9. Sorry to read this! I hope 2016 brings you the news you are hoping for xx


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