Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Getting Organised

As the end of a year approaches and a new one begins loads of people set out to be more organised. It can be overwhelming and sometimes you don't know where to start.

I have a horrible memory so I always forget dates, times and even when I've last washed Paige's hair. I needed something to keep me on track and somewhere I can dump everything. Some people use their phones or computers but that just isn't me. I need to physically write something down.

I decided to get a planner.

An old school Filofax.

Something I thought was so out of fashion that I was actually embarrassed to talk about it but I found a whole new world. I started using my planner over a year ago now. I didn't properly get into the decorating or finding the planner community for a good few months after. It isn't for everyone but you can take from it what ever you feel like you need. I'm not telling you that you need a thousand washi tapes and folders of sticker to be organised but you don't.

For me to be organised I need to have a monthly and weekly calendar. A running to do list, to buy list, meal plan, cleaning lists and a section for my blog and YouTube.

People always ask how I use my planner or where they should start using theirs. I don't think it's right for me to tell you or them a step by step guide of what they should do because everyone is different, different things work and don't work for different people. You need to work out what works for you. Sit down and think about what you might need/like.

Would you like to see your month at one glance? I use my monthly section as a overview of the month. I write important dates, times and events,

Maybe you prefer working on a weekly basis. My weekly pages are just an extension of my monthly pages. I go into more detail. The decoration side of things can be overwhelming and some people hate it and that's perfectly fine. For me I like to keep things looking pretty. The decoration helps me keep using my planner and keeps it fun.

I have a running to do list with things that I want to get done in the near future but they don't have a set date. For example: clearing the garage out. I write to dos with a date specific time in my weekly view. For example: putting the right bin out each week.

Meal plans help us only buy only what we need for that week. I don't throw any food away and we save money. I write all our meals out for that week, write everything what we need to make those meals and create a shopping list from that.

My cleaning lists keep me on track with what I've done, when it was last done and then what I need to do. I simply check things off once I've done them. If I look at the list and see I have hovered all week then I know I need to get my butt in gear and hoover.
I also find it helpful to have somewhere that I can just jot anything and everything down, a brain dump. I keep a small notebook next to my bed and a pen. I tend to think of everything at bed time so this way I can write it down and get it out of my head and on to paper. In a morning can then look at everything and sort it out.... maybe its something I need to buy or something I can't forget. 
If you have any questions please do ask. I can talk about planners all day. I have all my stickers and decoration linked on my Instagram if you want to know where anything is from.

Don't forget to check out my planner Instagram and my Youtube.

If you've caught the planning bug let me know. I love seeing people get into planning and organising themselves.

Nicola Xx


  1. I love starting to get organised at the start of a new year. I never seem to keep it up though. you are much more organised that me haha. xx www.ourwildthings.com

    1. Haha, I never thought i'd keep it up but I really enjoy it x

  2. Your planner makes me happy - so bright and colourful! x

    1. Me too Donna. I think that's why I keep on using it x

  3. I LOVE planning - you're not alone at all! I really enjoy seeing how other people plan their planners and I'm well known for being very particular when it comes to my diary :)


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