Sunday, 31 January 2016

Me and Mine - January

I hate to sound like a broken record but January was such a mixed month.

Good and bad.

Paige has had a tough month at nursery. I think she is suffering from some separation anxiety. She hates leaving me. So much so that she really doesn't like going to pre school. It is heart breaking to see. But I know that once she is inside she is fine. She plays with all her friends and has such a lovely time. It's just those few minutes right before and after I leave.

Some of you may know that our boiler and cooker broke this month. They are both fixed now but we had about 5 days without hot water and no cooker.

Mother Nature was also against us this month. The wind was so strong it blew the car door and bent all the panel. Something else to fix.

Some really great news was that I've had the all clear from the hospital. I've never gone into detail and I'm not sure I will but good news is great. I have another check up in June so we shall see what happens then.

January is also marks birthday. We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating. We went out

for a lovely meal and doughnuts. And ate so much cake.

This months picture is from that day. It's blurry and bad quality but I love it. I remember the excitement that Paige had knowing it was daddy's birthday and Parker face when he saw all the doughnuts. They were both so good at the restaurant it was a joy to be with them.

We are so lucky to have each other.

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Hahaha, it totally makes that photo when you know that Parker has his eye on some doughnuts, the rest of you are so happy and smiley and he's like "can I have one of those?" Sorry to hear it's been a stressful kind of January, but glad to hear you've had the all clear now. x

  2. I hope February is a better month for you things breaking wise! And I hope that Paige settles into Nursery for you. Fab news that you got the all clear from the hospital, and that photo is lovely. xx

  3. You all look really happy in your photo lovely. I am sorry that January has had its up and downs but I am glad that you have the all clear from the hospital. LL recently went through a phase of having separation anxiety from me going to nursery but they assured me that as soon as I was gone she was absolutely fine. Luckily she's come through it now and although is still not great at going in, she goes to them for a cuddle and doesn't cry! x

  4. That's such a lovely photo! Sorry to hear that January has been an up and down month, hope that the rest of the year gets better! Also happy to hear that you have the all clear! x

  5. Parker has grown so much! Time seems to fly! Sorry to hear that January has had some downs for you, I hope things start to get better. xxx

  6. I love how natural your photos always are. I'm hoping that February will be a more positive month for you but really pleased you got the all clear x


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