Friday, 8 January 2016

What A Week

I wanted to start 2016 on a high. I really wanted our luck to change but sometimes things don't always turn out as planned.

This week our oven and boiler broke. We didn't have an oven for two days and we had no hot water for 4 days. Both things are quite hard to deal with having two children. My camera tripod also broke and I thought we had a leak under the sink. I still have no idea where the water came from but it isn't a leak.

But because of that some really lovely things happen instead. Because our oven was broke we had an unplanned trip to my dads house for tea which was lovely. We got a new oven and the boiler was fixed.

Me and Paige baked some yummy chocolate cornflake buns. I just had to get the Christmas chocolate out of the house. She also went back to nursery on Tuesday. Its so lovely to be back in our normal routine but she does find it hard sometimes I think. She keeps saying she misses us and gets a bit upset. I think she just has to get back into the routine of going again. She does really love it an has made some lovely friends. We actually had her first birthday party invite this week which is exciting. I gits the first of many. I can't believe her peers are all starting to turn 4. It will be Paige in no time at all.

And Parker is obsessed with the washing machine. I remember when Paige went through the exact same phase. He is coming n leaps and bounds and loves one on one time with me while Paige is at nursery but he misses her so much. He frequently holds her hand all the way walking home. They love each other so much.


 I really am hoping our luck will change soon but if it doesn't then we will carry on, we will make things work and keep on going.

I hope your week was filled with less broken things than ours.

Nicola Xx


  1. I remember when our oven broke and it was so hard living without one until we got a new one! I hope the luck changes lovely x

    1. Thanks Donna. It was hard but living without hot water was worse x

  2. ah, hope your lunch changes soon! Though with those two gorgeous little ones I don't see how it won't! xx

  3. Hope your luck changes soon lovely, but glad there were still some nice things to come out of your week. x


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