Tuesday, 23 February 2016

20 Months Old

Just four little months to go until Parker is two. Not much has changed in the past month if I'm honest but I still wanted to do this update.

I was starting to get a little worried about Parkers speech. Just like Paige he doesn't say much at all. All children are different and progress at different rates and that is perfectly normal. Parker says a good few words but rarely tried saying anymore or copying us. In the past week he has started again which is lovely. It's nice to hear him try again. I guess he must of needed a little break.

He still hasn't got his last set of molars which I'm presuming they're moving around and causing him so pain.

He is still napping but can last through the day without one. Otherwise he normally naps for around 1.5 hours. He is normally such a grumpy butt when he wakes up and it can take him a good hour to come round properly.

His eating is suffering this month. He is becoming quire fussy but we keep offering him food and he will try it. His new favourite is chicken korma, he loved it!

He still loves to dance and wiggle his bum. It's so cute. He also loves playing football and is getting really good. He loves any toy with wheels and can play for hours. He's really started to enjoy helping me around the house. Before he would help me dust but now he helps unload the dish washer and load the washing machine.

Nicola Xx


  1. Aw bless him, he is a cutie! I an looking forward to when Bo can help me round the house etc. Glad he has started exploring words more again, there's so much we can worry about! X

    1. Thank you. There is so much to worry about! Good job we love them hehe x


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