Saturday, 27 February 2016

Mummy and Me - February

You know those weeks when you feel a bit down in the dumps, everything seems to get on top of you. Even the small things that in the grand scheme of things don't matter. Last week was one of those weeks.

The weather was rubbish, normal day to day stuff was getting me down, I couldn't keep on top of cleaning, I wasn't sleeping well, we were all ill and all I wanted to do was eat junk and stay in bed all day.

But we made it through!

This week I was determined to have a better week. The weather was on our side and I decided we needed to get out the house as much as possible. I am so ready for warmer weather! Anyway during the week we went on loads of walks, to the woods, to feed the ducks. If it was sunny we went out, anywhere. But we went out together. Me and the kids. Just us. I didn't take the pram so we all walked.

This months pictures are taken on one of our walks. Selfies with parker not looking half the time but they make me remember our walks we had and how much fun we had. How Parker was fascinated with the ducks and how Page didn't stop talking the whole way.

Just me and my babies.

Nicola Xx
Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. What lovely memories to look back on, and I'm so glad you've had a better week! I can't believe Parker is big enough to go on walks without the pushchair already xx

  2. I have been the same, at any opportunity Ive just had to get out the house! Bring on Spring, I cant wait. I love looking back on the simple yet best memories :) xx

  3. Beautiful photo's as ever! Love outdoorsy shots :)

  4. I'm glad you've had a much better week Nicola. Sometimes getting out of the house is all it takes to make us appreciate the good things in life. Your photos are lovely too! xx

  5. Love the top one :D Looks like a fun little trip out :D


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