Friday, 12 February 2016

Our Morning Routine - Feb 2016

Some of you may know that I like to be quite organised. I have my planner that keeps me on track with appointments and special events. I also track day to day things like cleaning and social media. I like to make sure I keep on top of things.

When Parker was smaller I blogged about our old morning and evening routines. I wanted to do an update as things have obviously changed a little now. So here is our morning routine, its pretty simple.

7:20 - I wake up, take a shower and get ready
7:45 - Paige is normally awake so I get her ready
7:50 - Parker is normally up but will play and talk in his cot. I go and get him ready
7:55 - We go downstairs. I will make breakfast, have a drink and normally check social media, usually start some laundry or clean up the kitchen if I was lazy the night before
8:20 - I do Paiges hair, brush the kids teeth
8:30 - We do the pre school run and drop Paige off
8:50 - Me and Parker get home. I always make a cuppa then we will play for an hour
10:00 - Snack time for Parker.
Between 10am and 11am I call the golden hour. This is the hour where I can usually get a lot done. Cleaning mostly. Parker will happily play in the living room. I sometimes use this time to blog or respond to emails too.
11:00 - I will play with Parker again
11:30 - We go to pick Paige up
11:50 - We get home. The kids will play together.
I usually have a 20 minute window here before I start lunch. I can finish anything I didn't manage to do during the morning. 

I am very lucky that most of the time the kids will play nicely together. Obviously we have the odd fight over who is playing with a certain toy but generally they are both very good. There are days when Parker is a bit grumpier, or maybe teething and he won't let me leave his sight. If this happens we usually just play all morning and leave all cleaning until the next day or I will get him to help me. He loves helping me hoover and dust. I try hard to spend quality time with Parker while Paige is at pre school but its also some of the only time I can get jobs done. He always comes first though.

Paige goes to pre school 5 mornings a week. So generally this is how our days go. At the weekends we normally have a slower start to getting ready and then we are normally out the door as a family.

How do your mornings usually go?

Nicola Xx


  1. Ah I can't get up and jump straight in the shower! I always come down first and get my coffee and breakfast haha! xx

  2. I'm the same I like to write everything down as well! Even silly little things that I do on auto-pilot! xx

  3. I really enjoy posts like this where you see how other families go about their routine! We generally go out and about in the morning and then the afternoon is where I get my stuff done (or have a sleep at the moment haha!) because LL naps most of the afternoon. x

    1. Awwww bless you. That's totally acceptable when pregnant x


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