Monday, 15 February 2016

Siblings - February

Another month is over. They go so quickly. This month I've started thinking about September. I know its a while away but it will soon come around. Paige will be starting school and will be gone all day during the week. I keep wondering if it will have an effect on their relationship. I already know that Parker will miss Paige so much. He is so used to her being around.

They're like a little team. They do everything together. At the moment their favourite thing to do is pretend to sleep in Paige's bed.

Every night when they are both ready for bed they climb into Paige's bed and we leave the room. They laugh and giggle and love it. They just love each other so much.


This last picture is them both dressed up. They both love dressing up, they don't care what as. They also love dancing. Parker especially. He will grab Paige's hands and they both start dancing.

I love the stage their both at right now. The innocence, the love and their relationship.

Nicola Xx

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