Wednesday, 23 March 2016

21 Months Old

Only 3 months until my little boy is two. I can't believe it. He seems so much more of a baby than Paige at the same age. I think that's mostly because he's the youngest and he's a lot smaller than what she was. Paige was already well in 2-3 year clothing, whereas Parker is only just going into 18-24 months clothes. He's just more of an average size and Paige was always on the 95th percentile.

This month his talking has really stepped up a gear. He will repeat everything you say. It is so cute. He says gone, please, Mickey, Duggee, Paige, Millie, caterpillar. It is so wonderful hearing his little voice so much. He also calls Mark ''daddy'' now rather than dada. I'm still mama for now.

He loves making animal noises still. His new ones this month are elephant, monkey and cow noises. If he isn't in the mood he will just make dinosaur noises for everything you ask which is quite funny.

He still hasn't got anymore teeth. He is turning into quite a picky eater. He will eat most fruit but wont eat much veg apart from carrots. He loves meatballs, grapes, apples and chocolate spread.

He is still napping once a day and goes to bed around 7pm although he will talk to himself and fall asleep when hes ready.

He still adores Paige, she is his favourite person ever. He is also a mummy's boy at times but at other times he prefers mark. He is still super cuddly and so affectionate.

He loves drawing, colouring, play doh, music and cars. He makes us laugh everyday and is such a great little character. He can have some major tantrums and be super grumpy and clingy but I wouldn't change him for the world.

Nicola Xx

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