Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Lovely Spring Morning


I am loving the spring weather. The sun was shining on Sunday and we took full advantage and headed to the park. We took Paige's scooter and Parkers scuttle bug. We didn't particularly do much but you never really need to at the park. Parker loves the slide and Paige the round about. There was also a lovely lake for us to walk around with some very lively geese!

There's something so lovely about going out as a family and doing something that we all love. It's so nice to spend some quality time together and going outside is the perfect thing to do after a long winter. The weather was pretty cold and rainy so some sun is much welcomed. I am so excited for the lighter evening, although not looking forward to bedtime! Paige is obsessed with it getting dark before she goes to sleep. I can't wait to play in the garden with the kids, go to the seaside and eat ice cream when the summer comes.

It's also so lovely to be able to have some washing drying outside. As silly as that sounds. To get in the garden and feel the sun on your face. To wear not so many layers and just let the
kids run around in the warm sunshine.


Mark has a week off just after my birthday in April and I'm really hoping that the weather is nice so we can have some more spring adventures. I feel like because they summer will be Paige's last one before starting school we need to make it extra special for her and us as when September comes there will be big changes.

What's your favourite thing about spring?

Nicola Xx

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