Thursday, 10 March 2016

Our Evening Routine - March 2016

If you haven't seen our morning routine that normally takes us until 11:40am when we have to pick Paige up from pre school. Our afternoons are always quite quiet. We have lunch and then play. Parker naps at around 1:30pm. While he is napping me and Paige will play, paint, draw, whatever she wants to do for about an hour. She then has some ipad time and I do some blogging, check emails, that sort of thing.

3:30/ 4:00 - Parker is normally up from his nap. The kids will have a snack. We then play, have family time and then start tea. Sometimes Mark cooks, sometimes me.
5:30 - Tea time. After tea I will clean the kitchen down and do dishes. The kids will play together and with Mark or watch a bit of tv.6:15 - Bath time  (we don't bath them every night. Normally every other night) If They don't have a bath then they carry on playing.

6:45 - Kids bedtime routine. We get pjs on, brush teeth and have a story. I generally get the kids ready for bed. We will all sit down for a story together and then Mark will put Parker in his cot.
7:00 - Kids in bed, I will tidy up toys. We normally get the kids to help but if we are rushing I will just do it when there in bed. I will also finish up tidying the kitchen if I didn't manage to do it all earlier.
7:30-9:30 - I will spend time with Mark or do whatever needs doing.
9:30 - I'm normally in bed between half 9 and 10.

I like my sleep so always try to head upstairs at around half 9. I can then wind down a little on my own, get ready for bed and be ready to sleep for around 10pm.  

How does your evening routine work?

Nicola Xx

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