Friday, 29 April 2016

22 Months Old

Two little month to go until Parker is two. The weeks are flying by and Parker seems to grow up so much each week.

This past month was all about speech. He has come on so much. He pretty much says anything we ask him too and can put 2 and 3 word sentences together. He is getting very clear with his speech and actually says some words a lot better than Paige, but she didn't properly start talking until 2 and a half so he is very much ahead of her.

He is still as cheeky as ever and a little terror at times. He loves climbing and playing. He still loves cars and balls. He loves going outside and now we regularly leave the pushchair at home and have him walking. He's a really good walker and can walk for a good hour without a break. He also loves to run and jump.

He is still obsessed with Paige and loves her to pieces. He is such an affectionate little boy and will give kisses and cuddles all day.

He is a little fussy still with his eating. He still loves fruit but will hardly touch veg. He also isn't keen on meat.

He loves pulling silly faces making us all laugh. He is such a little entertainer.

Nicola Xx


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