Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Paiges Room Tour

Today I wanted to give you all a little look into Paige's room. It isn't a huge themed room and doesn't have loads of fabulous decoration but she loves it. We wanted to keep it quite simple. There are a lot of pink elements as she loves pink and is really girly right now.

First up she a white Kallax unit from ikea. This was only £20 and is such great storage. Parker also has one in his room. The little pink boxes inside and the pink lamp are also from Ikea. She then just has random toys she loves, her snow globe which is adores, it has a little deer inside. A few teddies and books. Her little night light is from china and has Inside Out on it. Towards the left of this she has her doll house which is from Asda.

Next up she has her little chair, which is also from ikea. On top of that she has her Minnie Mouse teddies and Parkers Mickey Mouse from the Disney Store.

Then she has build in wardrobes that take up an entire wall of her room. We love them! Parker also uses them as there that big. She has her personalised bean bag from teeny beanies and a wooden easel.

On her floor she has a gorgeous rug from Flair Rugs from the collection Not Before Tea. She loves her little vole rug and likes to think she's doing ballet. 

 Last up is her bed. She still has her cot bed from Argos but will be moving up to a single in the summer. As you can see she has stuck loads of stickers on her bed and loves teddies. Do anyone else's child sleep with about 500 teddies? She also has her wooden kitchen which is from Amazon. Her bunting, which is above her bed, is from eBay and was super cheap.

That is pretty much her room. Like I said nothing fancy but she loves it. I haven't painted it since we moved as I can't make up my mind what to do. I like that its quite neutral as the pink details can always be changed if she decides she doesn't like pink anymore.

Does your little ones room have a theme?

Nicola Xx


  1. Aww! What a gorgeous room...I really like the look of those storage units from Ikea x


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