Friday, 15 April 2016

Siblings - April

These posts always come around so quickly. This past month I feel like I've got loads of pictures of the kids together and I love it. They are always together, we have the Easter holidays to thank for that. They've grown even closer somehow. I'm sad that Paige is back at school now but the routine side of it is nice.

There favourite thing to do this month was walking holding hands. We've started leaving the buggy at home a lot more and having Parker walk and they love holding each other hands.

We also went to Blackpool last week so they loved going on the rides and playing the machines together.

The Easter holidays have made me so excited for the summer holidays. I can not wait to see them how they grow and change together over the summer.

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project


  1. LOVE this gorgeous pair...Parker's looking so grown up now Nic! xxx

  2. So cute, I must admit I can't wait for the next holidays already too x

  3. It's crazy the first time you start regularly leaving the buggy and the sling at home isn't it, it feels like one of those big milestones that you pass without really knowing about it! Parker is certainly starting to look so very grown up isn't he!


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