Wednesday, 25 May 2016

23 Months Old

Just one more little month until Parker is TWO! Kind of hard to believe.

He has grown up so much this month. His speech is amazing. He talks so much and knows so many words. He still only really puts two words together but this is so much more advanced that Paige at the same age. He is so clear as well. He really knows his mind and knows what he wants. He loves a routine and knows what should happen and when.

He is such a funny little boy. He will do anything to make you laugh and I can see him as the class clown when he is older.

He is obsessed with trains, planes and basically everything with wheels. He still adores his teddies and has two special ones that go everywhere. He loves playing football.

He is such a loving little boy still and has started lifting up my top and kissing bump. I think it will be a big adjustment for him when the baby comes but I have no doubt that he will be the best big brother.

Nicola Xx


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