Monday, 9 May 2016

4 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

I still can't believe I'm pregnant even though I feel so very pregnant and have for two weeks now. Just like in my finding out post I said that I just knew immediately.
This week I got another positive pregnancy test and a 2-3 weeks result on a Clearblue digital.
At four weeks the baby has entered the embryonic stage of the pregnancy. The placenta is starting to form. The baby is being nourished by the yolk sac. The baby is pretty much a blob made up of three different layers that over time will develop into the vital organs, skeleton and nervous system.
I've had so many symptoms since conception! I honestly thought I was imagining them all. My skin is breaking out and my hair is greasier. That always happens to me in early pregnancy. I'm having some pulling and tugging sensations which I guess is things moving round. The main symptoms are tiredness, I am so exhausted. I've being in bed for 8/8:30pm most nights. I'm also having bouts of nausea. I've gone off tea and ketchup. With my other two pregnancies I always went off tea too. I also have moments of extreme hunger, I can be fine then the next minute I have to eat something right away, I get terrible hunger pains too. I also noticed some bloating towards the end of the week.

Waist: 25.5inch and no weight gain yet.

Nicola Xx

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  1. Aww I am excited to follow your journey from such an early stage!! I was bloated from early on too- I felt about 8 months pregnant haha!! xx


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