Tuesday, 24 May 2016

7 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week the baby is the size of a blueberry. The brain is growing and becoming more complex. Tiny arms and legs are starting to form too.

This week I've felt awful. My nausea lasts all day every day and I've started to be sick more and more. I spent the whole morning trying to eat and bringing everything back up. It got to the point where I couldn't keep down any food or water and I told myself that instead of struggling I had to see my doctor right away. I feel like I tried to be strong and not give in when pregnant with Parker and that lead to me being nearly admitted into hospital, with two kids to look after this time I can't let that happen. I went to the doctors and he checked my urine, luckily everything was ok so I didn't get sent to hospital and was told I have HG again and given anti sickness tablets. I think they are the same ones I had with Parker. It seems that I just get very sick in early sick. I am so bloated this week again, I look huge some days. Cereal is pretty much one of the only foods I can keep down. On a typical day I'm eating every hour. Even with the tablets I still have to eat very often to keep the nausea away and most of the time I'm still nauseous all day.  Sitting up so much makes me sick and laying down on my side makes me so nauseous too. I do have good and bad days. This week I was craving Burger King. What's with all the junk food?! In the beginning of the week I lost more weight but then gained some. My boobs are also fuller which is lovely, they don't hurt and never really did during my other pregnancies either. I feel like my skin has cleared up a little although I still have tiny spots all over. My hair gets so greasy so quickly.

Waist: 26.5 - I'm so bloated!
Weight: +1 so now down 2lbs from pregnancy weight.

Nicola Xx

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