Monday, 23 May 2016

Paiges 4th Birthday

On the 17th Paige turned four. I still can't believe we have a four year old. Four just seems so big and so grown up.

A couple of days before she was actually really poorly. She spend the whole day sleeping and didn't eat a thing, she was also sick quite a few times. Luckily on her birthday she felt ok. She wasn't 100% but she was so excited for her birthday so that took her mind off feeling ill I think.

The original plan was for her to open her cards and then go to pre school and open her presents after but that didn't work out at all. She came downstairs to a decorated living room and was so excited so we let her have her presents then too. She loved opening them with Parker and even let him help. Everything she got was My Little Pony related, she is obsessed. She put on her new clothes, ate some breakfast and off she went to school. Mark had the day off work so while Paige was at school we took Parker to the park for a little bit and then headed home so I could make Paige's cake.

She really wanted a My Little Pony and we looked everywhere for one but couldn't find one. We were going to get one specially made but I love making the kids cakes so thought I'd give it a go. I had an idea in my head and kept it pretty simple because my HG was playing up and I felt like crap. I worked on it all morning and finally finished just as it was time to pick Paige up. Paige didn't see her cake until we sang happy birthday after tea but she loved it and said it as the best part of her day.

After school we went to the park with her little school friends and played for a little bit. Then we headed home for lunch and Parkers nap. It was lovely to spend time alone with Paige on her birthday while Parker napped. And it was lovely for her to have both mummy and daddy at home. We didn't plan to do much as we knew she wouldn't be feeling 100%.

 At tea time we had some family come over for a little party. We made homemade pizza (one of Paige's favourite meals) and ate cake. One of my friends also came over to give Paige a present. She absolutely loved her cake and I am so happy.

Overall she had a really lovely day. It was quiet but she still loved it. The day after we also travelled over 200 miles in the car so that was another reason we didn't really want to do much. We do plan on taking her to the zoo or aquarium in a few weeks but want to wait until my sickness dies down a little bit. We are also thinking of doing that trip as a joint trip for hers and Parkers birthday which is only a month away!

Nicola Xx


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