Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Review - My Rolling Melodies Thomas

Parker loves toys, especially toys that move. He is such a typical boy. Don't get me wrong he will play with dolls, tea sets and teddies too. We were recently contacted to review the my first melodies Thomas. I knew Parker would love it even before it arrived. Thomas and Friends are a brand that everyone knows and loves.

When the item arrived Parker couldn't wait to play with it. The Rolling Melodies Thomas features multiple activation points. This means that your child can so touch Thomas' boiler bands, coal bin, whistle, and steam cloud to hear a whole variety of sounds. These include a piano, drums, whistles, and fun phrases.

Four of the six wheels actually turn. Parker loves pushing him along and hearing the different sounds and phases. The toy is a really good size and is very bright, colourful and keeps Parker entertained for a little bit. He does tend to get a little bored after a while and will go off and play with something else.

One thing I'm not too keen on is the volume. It is loud so a volume control button would be nice but sadly there isn't one. There is an on/off button though so that is handy. The Rolling Melodies Thomas is a great toddler toy and retails for £19.99 which I think is a great price.

There is also a Team Thomas campaign going on at the moment. You can join in using #TeamThomasUK on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The campaign is all about celebrating Thomas & Friends core values of friendship, determination and teamwork. Great qualities for any child to have. The Great Race is an exciting new film is launching in May.  Join Thomas and his friends for weekly activities.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent this toy was the purpose of this review but all the views and opinions expressed are our own*



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