Monday, 16 May 2016

Tomorrow You Are FOUR!

Each year seems to pass even more quickly than the previous. I can't believe that tomorrow you are four.

You are so grown up now. Over the year your speech is the biggest improvement. You were quite a late talker but we didn't have to worry, now you don't shut up. You really have come on so much and we are so proud of you.

You are still the best big sister to Parker and you are so excited to have another baby in the house. You always ask if its time for the baby to come out of mummy's belly. You insist that the baby is a girl which is better than the weeks you spent convincing us it was twins!

You are such a character, you tell the weirdest jokes and find them hilarious. You have such a great little personality and are still are crazy as ever. You never stop playing, running or talking.

You love nursery. Sometimes you go through phases of not wanting to go but that only lasts 5 minutes and as soon as you are in the door you don't want to leave. You will be starting primary school in September. You are so excited to eat lunch at school and wear a uniform, mummy can't believe how quickly it has come around.

You are such an amazing, beautiful girl and we are so lucky that you are ours.

We love you so much princess.

Mummy Xx


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