Thursday, 30 June 2016

Me and Mine - June

Another month gone in the blink of an eye. June saw Parker turning TWO and us finding out that a little girl will be joining us in November, although we are waiting confirmation from my 20 week scan, lol!

I'm not really sure where June went, it's gone so fast. Mark had a week off work which was lovely, we didn't do much but just spending time together was nice. I can't wait for his time off in the summer holidays.

We've had family parties and also Fathers Day, which were both lovely, although my sickness was playing up. I feel like June was an exciting but quiet month.

This months pictures are a last minute attempt on the sofa. I completely forgot to take any family pictures at all this month. Sometimes that just happens and a last minute selfie will just have to do.
I would love to get some professional ones done but to be honest Mark and Parker both hate having their pictures taken so I don't see that happening anytime soon so I will cherish all the rubbish selfies I can get!

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Parkers 2nd Birthday

I can't believe that Parker is now two. He always seems so little next to Paige but has really grown up this past month in particular.

We didn't do much for his birthday, just like Paige's, and we plan on taking them both on a birthday day out to the aquarium or zoo in the summer holidays.

We all woke up and opened presents and cards along with breakfast. Paige was at pre school for the morning so we all got ready and went to drop her off. Parker hates saying goodbye to her some morning, he misses her so much. After we went off to vote then headed back home. We then went out for a couple hours running general errands. We got back home and played with the birthday boy and his new toys. After picking Paige up from school at lunch time we headed to McDonalds for a little birthday treat. This had to include ice cream too!

Parker then had his nap at 1:30pm and in the evening we had a little family party for him. He had a little dinosaur cake which he loved.

Then the day was over and it was time for bed. He loved being the centre of attention and honestly it doesn't happen that much. As he is the second child Paige is normally with him and centre stage a lot more often than him as he can be really shy around people he doesn't know that well. He loved his special day though and I can't wait for their special day out trip.

How did you celebrate your toddler turning two?

Nicola Xx

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

18 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby is around 14cm long and the size of a sweet potato. This week the baby can yawn. The nervous system is rapidly maturing. They can also hear sounds from inside my body like my hiccups.

In terms of symptoms this week was a quiet one. I've felt ok. I'm still on one set of tablets and most days take 3 a day, I've had one day where I took two which was nice. Hopefully the end of my hyperemesis is in sight. I'm still really hungry and get frequent heartburn. One thing I have noticed this week is how huge I feel. I'm trying to wear maternity clothes all the time now but some are still too big. I'm currently switching between a size 10 jean and my maternity jeans. Both fall down but my pre pregnancy jeans just look crap now as they don't fasten even a little anymore. I feel pregnant, so very pregnant. I also get quite frequent backache, especially if I'm sat down too long, if I'm hovering up or in the morning when I first wake up.

Waist - 28.5
Belly Button - 32.5 so over an inch growth on last week, no wonder I feel huge.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 27 June 2016

Mummy and Me - June

Yet another month has flown by. This month included Parkers 2nd birthday and our private gender scan for the baby. We found out that baby is a girl!! I am wanting this confirmed at our 20 week scan but hopefully she stays a girl! Paige is so excited that the baby is a girl, she wants a little sister so badly. Parker doesn't really get it but loves kissing my belly. Parkers birthday was so lovely. We didn't do much but had some lovely mummy, daddy and Parker time in the morning, had a McDonalds lunch and then a little family party in the evening.

Other than that we've had quite a quiet month. We had planned another trip but that didn't go to plan. Paige started ballet and tap lessons which is so sweet. Parker may also be starting nursery in September but we aren't 100% sure yet, hopefully we can get that sorted in July. We also have Paige's school starter meeting in July too and our 20 weeks can so I am really excited for July. Then of course brings the school holidays which I am so excited for.

This months pictures are just us on the sofa, I'm even in winter pj bottoms, haha! I'd left the pictures until the last minute so these were just some quick snaps. I'm surprised that Parker actually looked at the camera as he hates to have his picture taken.

Nicola Xx

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Parker

I can't believe this day is finally here.

Happy 2nd birthday Chops!

We love you so much! Xx

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Almost TWO

I can't believe that tomorrow you will two. The past two years have flown by so quickly. It some ways you seem so much bigger than one already. But for you to be officially two is crazy. I feel like you were born the other month.

You fitted into the family perfectly. Nothing was ever a struggle.... Apart from sleep. You weren't a big fan for the first year of your life. It's like you've always being apart of our family and we couldn't imagine it any other way.

You are harder work than your sister. You have some pretty awesome tantrums and know your mind. But that's what makes you! We wouldn't change you for the world.

You are so sweet, so loving and caring. You will randomly give us kisses and hugs. You lift up my top to kiss the baby and rub my belly. You love animals and adore Millie. Most of all you love your big sister so much.

She is so excited for your birthday, I don't think you really understand until the morning.

You seem so grown up and I know that in the following months you will seem even more grown up once your little sister arrives. I'm so excited to see you with her. She is so lucky to have a big brother like you.

Have a lovely day tomorrow, my precious baby boy.

Mummy Xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

17 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby is about the size of your palm, 5 inches or so. Body fat is forming. Baby's heart rate is now regulated by the brain and is usually between 140-150 beats per minute. Baby is practising sucking and swallowing.

This week I've really noticed an increase in my hunger. So I'm trying to pick healthy snacks. This week one set of my tablets were due to run out, my doctor wanted me to try and go without them. I decide to try a few days before they ran out, that way if I couldn't manage then I had some left to take and could get some more from the doctors. I managed 24 hours without tablets and it was horrible. I thankfully wasn't sick but the whole day was a struggle. I've now stopped taking one set of tablets but I am still on one lot. I just can't manage without them completely yet. So now I'm back to taking three of my weaker tablets a day. My nausea is still pretty bad but I am doing ok. Sleep isn't really happening thanks to Paige and Parker so the tiredness isn't helping my sickness at all. My heartburn is also quite regular now.

Waist - Still 28 inch. Belly button measurement is 31 and a quarter. I felt like I've grown a lot but I haven't at all.
Weight - Scales still aren't working but I officially cant button my pre pregnancy jeans. Maternity jeans are still far too big though.

Nicola Xx

Monday, 20 June 2016

Early Gender Scan - 16 Weeks

About three weeks ago we booked an early gender scan. I was desperate to find out even though I had such a strong feeling. But could I be right?!

On Saturday morning we all left the house and went to the scan. We went to miracle inside in Leeds. We had a little drive and arrived after about half an hour. We were shown into a waiting room and filled out a form. There were loads of toys for the kids to play with so they were happy. Then we were called through.

The scanning room was lovely. Lots of seats for guests and a massive television where the scan came up for the guests. I laid on the bed and the scan begun after the cold jelly was applied to my belly.

I was so nervous. I hadn't had a scan since 9 weeks. I knew the baby was ok because I'm feeling lots of movement but seeing the baby was completely different. As soon as she placed the probe on my belly the baby came up and there was the most wonderful view.... The flicking heartbeat. We got to listen to the heartbeat too. So, so lovely after my disappointing 16 week midwife appointment. The heart rate was 150bpm. I also can't believe how much they grow within 7 weeks.

She let us watch the baby moving around while she looked around. We saw baby sucking her thumb, waving and stretching her legs. It was lovely. Parker didn't really understand but Paige loved it.

The lady said everything looked great. The heartbeat was perfect, fluid level was great and I have a posteria placenta, funny because with both Paige and Parker I had anterior placentas.

I could see the lady looking around for the gender and thought I saw the classic 3 white lines for a girl and I did!! The lady then announced that it was a girl. We are all so excited, Paige wanted a baby sister so badly.

This was the first ever private scan we've had and I would recommend it 100%. I'm really hoping that we can have a 3D/4d one in the third trimester as I would love to get some cute pictures of baby girls face. We also got a £10 voucher for a future visit.

We did get a little peak at 3D/4d this time and it was so amazing what you could see. Obviously at 16 weeks baby is still really skinny so didn't look super cute but it was still amazing. She looked to have big lips like her mummy, haha.

We received two black and white pictures, a cd rom with 14 pictures on and paid £10 extra for a dvd.

Now I'm just hoping that baby is still a girl at our 20 week scan!! They can't 100% guarantee the gender for obvious reason but if they are found to be wrong they do let you go back and be rescanned which is good.

Either way I am so excited to see our baby again at our 20 week scan which is only a few week away.

Have you ever had an early gender scan?

Nicola Xx

Friday, 17 June 2016

Review - Beefayre Mummy Bee

I was recently sent some lovely items from Mummy Bee. Mummy Bee is a range of products from Beefayre. Beefayre donates 3% of its profits to bee conservation and is an ethical brand.

I was sent the Mummy Bee some lovely items to try out. The set came gorgeously packaged, perfect to give as a present!  This is the perfect gift set for any mum, mum to be or new mum. In this set is a hand cream, lip balm and a candle, with lavender and geranium the whole set smells lovely. The scent is quite strong but it is nice.

A hand cream is something that I honestly don't use that much. I tend to forget and will use one every so often as a treat. This one is lovely though. It has a lovely texture and once it's rubbed in it isn't sticky at all.
Meaning you can apply the hand cream and get on with your day almost straight away. The hand cream is thick and makes me hands feel lovely. I  also like the packaging of the hand cream. It is small enough to fit into a handbag or changing bag.

A lip balm is something that I use multiple times a day. My lips are always quite dry and can get very sore so on a day to day basis I normally just wear lip balm. As a result of this I usually like tinted ones to give my lips a little colour. This one doesn't have any colour but is nice. I can't say it's worked wonders for my lips as I've only tried it for the past couple of weeks but my lips don't feel any worse off for trying it out. It's a very smooth lip balm and lasts on the lips a long time which keeps them feeling hydrated.

I still haven't had chance to burn the candle, with my hyperemesis gravidarum I'm really cautious about new smells. I'm sure the candle would smell just as nice as the hand cream and lip cream when it is burning. When I'm not pregnant candles tend to give me headaches so I think I shall save this one for a later date, maybe a nice relaxing bath in the third trimester. Smelling the candle without lighting it does smell quite strong. The jar is adorable and defiantly worth saving after the candle is gone. The packaging says the candle burns for 50 hours.
Overall I love this little set. It would make a lovely gift for anyone. I would advise against it if the person is very sensitive to smells as the scent is quite strong.
Nicola Xx
*Disclaimer - I was sent these items for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*

Thursday, 16 June 2016

16 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week the baby is between 4-5 inches long. The back muscles are gaining strength and this means baby can straighten out their neck and head. Baby can also make facial expressions and the eyes are making small movements under the eyelids. 
This week has been a little quieter on the symptom front which is actually lovely. I'm still on my sickness tablets and still feeling nauseous in the evening but feel ok during the day, most of the time! I've also started getting heartburn in the evenings which doesn't help with the nausea but oh well. My belly button is starting to pop at the top. It's nearly always flat with my belly now. My skin is still up and down. Sleep is still up and down too.
Some big news this week is that we had a gender scan. If you haven't seen my reveal then baby is a girl!!!!! I thought from the beginning that baby was a girl, I just had such a strong girl feeling. I feel like I'm carrying high compared to Parker's bump too, just like with Paige. I'm really hoping that baby is still a girl at our 20 week scan in a few weeks :p and I can't wait to see her again.
Bump is really popping out now although maternity are still far too big for me. I can also still hide bump away if I want to trick people, haha. Still feeling loads of movement and can't wait for baby to get stronger so that Mark can feel her. 

Waist - 28 inch. Around my belly button is 31 inch.
Weight - My scales ran out of battery!!

Nicola Xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Siblings - June

I have no idea where these months are going. This year seems to be flying! As the months go on Paige and Parker are getting so excited about the baby. I honestly hate to wish time away, especially as this is quite possibly my last ever pregnancy, but I can not wait to see them with their little sister in November.

My pregnancy has led them both to become a little obsessed with babies. They love playing with and looking after Paige's baby who Paige named Sarah. A much better name than Mr T, that's the name Paige wants to call her little sister!

Both of their little imaginations are running wild at the moment, it's so lovely to see. They both play together and apart with toys so well. They both love to colour and draw together and love doing jigsaws with each other too. Paige is a lot better than Parker but he is learning and loves helping Paige.

Parkers birthday is next week and I can't believe he will be TWO. I am so excited to see them together in the coming months. The last few months as a two. It seems so strange that soon there will be another little person in their sibling gang!

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

15 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3


This week the baby is the size on an orange. The ears are at the side of the head and the eyes are moving to their final position. The baby can now wiggle fingers and toes and is starting to make breathing movements.

This week my breasts are still sore. I am still on my meds and still having quite bad nausea at night. My skin seems to be clearing up a little. I used to have loads of small pimples everywhere. Not quite spots but just small annoying bumps everywhere. They are going but I am breaking out properly here and there, mostly around my mouth, chin, jaw and temples. I feel like I really started to show this week. I'm still in pre pregnancy clothes but you can really tell, especially at the end of the day.
Near the end of this week I had my second midwife appointment. I was actually really disappointed. I didn't get to hear the heartbeat and all the midwife did was test my urine and take my blood pressure, both were fine.

Waist - 27.5 inch
Weight - Now +2lbs from pre pregnancy

Nicola Xx

Monday, 13 June 2016

The Purrfectbox - A Review

Recently I opened an email asking me if I wanted to review something for Millie. Older readers will know that my blog started off really focused on Millie as she was just a kitten when I first started. The email was from Purrfectbox. I filled out a small form about Millie and waited for the box to arrive. I was told to expect the box between the 20th-25th of May. I got an email when it was sent but didn't receive the box until May 31st. I did email to check up on the box and was told there were a few issues with delivery and to expect it very soon and if it still hadn't come in a few days to email again.
I was really interested to open the box and this is what I saw when I did. It looked like a lot of goodies for Millie and I couldn't wait to take a closer look. The website does say to expect 5 to 6 high quality items in each box. Each box has a higher retail value that what you pay. Below is everything we received.

We received two bags of treats and a decorated canvas type bag. I love the treats and so did Millie. The bag is cute but I'm not sure we will use it. I guess i could put treats inside but most come with re-sealable packets. 

We also received three toys. Millie loves them all. She especially loves the fried egg and looks so funny playing with it.

 Lastly we got some litter tray liners. In theory these are good but unfortunately they don't fit our little tray. They also wouldn't be much use if your cat didn't use a littler tray.

Overall I love the idea of the box. The box retails for £19.90 if you sign up for a monthly subscription. You can also get a 3 month and 6 month subscription for discounted prices. I don't think we would personally buy a box every single month, as a one off present it is a lovely idea but I honestly think it's a little expensive for a monthly gift for a pet. I'd rather get rid of the bag and cat litter liners and pay £13/15.  Or have the option to pick a few of the items myself that I knew we would use.

For a £5 discount use code ukbtlrye.

Would you consider a monthly box for your pet?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We received this box for free in return for this review. All views and opinions are my own*

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