Friday, 3 June 2016

10 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week the baby is the size of a prune. They have small indentations on their legs which will be knees and ankles. Their arms have tiny elbows. Teeth buds are forming under the gum. The stomach and kidneys are starting to function.

This week I started off really bloated and felt huge, then all that went away and I feel tiny again. My jeans are fitting like normal again. I can still feel my uterus though, I'm just not bloated which is nice. My tablets are helping me to not be sick although I do still get nauseous. M skin is still really bad, I feel like my face is really puffy and I am really tired. I haven't been sleeping very well this week. I've been really emotional. I will be watching tv and randomly burst into tears. Mark thinks its hysterical. I've been eating a lot of sweet popcorn, it seems to help my nausea in an evening. I started taking my vitamin at night right before bed as I noticed they would make me feel sick too. I also have to eat every hour or I feel awful.
Waist- 26inch
Weight - +2lbs so I'm now 2lbs down from pre pregnancy weight
Nicola Xx


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