Tuesday, 7 June 2016

12 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby weighs in at a full half-ounce and is the size of a large plum. Most of the systems are in place but many still need time to mature.

This week was actually quite eventful symptoms wise. Unfortunately I didn't have a 12 week scan as they counted my early scan as a dating scan. This meant to couldn't have any testing done either. I was a little disappointed as I felt like the early scan I had wasn't in great detail, I was only in the scan room for around2 minutes, saw the baby for a second and barely got shown the heartbeat, just got told everything looked fine. Mark wasn't even there.
This week bump feels slightly smaller than previously, I think my bloating has gone, my pre pregnancy also fit fine again. I have had an inch gain around my waist so far from 8 weeks though. I can really feel that my uterus is getting bigger.
Nausea is still a problem and I think that will carry on for a good few weeks yet even though I'm still on my meds. I was also sick again this week but thankfully it was only the once.
My skin is still pretty rubbish and I'm breaking out on my forehead, jaw, temples and chest. My finger nails are growing really quickly. I'm also experiencing round ligament pain a little bit this week too, not much fun but all part of my bump growing I guess. I also felt more movement this week which is lovely. Not every day but a few times during the week.

Waist - 27inch
Weight - Back to pre pregnancy

Nicola Xx


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