Friday, 10 June 2016

14 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week the baby is the size of my fist. The babies movements are much more fluid and less jerky. The intestines are starting to produce meconium ready for that first poo. Lanugo is also now covering the baby to keep them warm until they get nice and chunky!

So excited to be into the second trimester! This week I felt a huge kick at 14+5. It took me completely by surprise. The baby is getting so big and strong. I'm still feeling movements, it doesn't have any particular pattern yet but its lovely all the same. I do still have quieter days wen I'll only feel the baby once. Still on anti sickness tablets and still feeling nauseous in the evenings. I'm not sleeping too well again so I'm a bit tired. This week my breasts really started hurting. This is such a strange one for me, they never hurt during pregnancy. They are so sore though and I find it even stranger that they waited until 14 weeks to start hurting. Food doesn't really interest me but I am finding that I don't need to eat quite as often which is nice and I actually feel hungry instead of just nauseous. I also feel like I'm nesting, the house is driving me bonkers.

Waist - 26.5 inch
Weight  +1lb from pre pregnancy
Nicola Xx


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