Tuesday, 21 June 2016

17 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby is about the size of your palm, 5 inches or so. Body fat is forming. Baby's heart rate is now regulated by the brain and is usually between 140-150 beats per minute. Baby is practising sucking and swallowing.

This week I've really noticed an increase in my hunger. So I'm trying to pick healthy snacks. This week one set of my tablets were due to run out, my doctor wanted me to try and go without them. I decide to try a few days before they ran out, that way if I couldn't manage then I had some left to take and could get some more from the doctors. I managed 24 hours without tablets and it was horrible. I thankfully wasn't sick but the whole day was a struggle. I've now stopped taking one set of tablets but I am still on one lot. I just can't manage without them completely yet. So now I'm back to taking three of my weaker tablets a day. My nausea is still pretty bad but I am doing ok. Sleep isn't really happening thanks to Paige and Parker so the tiredness isn't helping my sickness at all. My heartburn is also quite regular now.

Waist - Still 28 inch. Belly button measurement is 31 and a quarter. I felt like I've grown a lot but I haven't at all.
Weight - Scales still aren't working but I officially cant button my pre pregnancy jeans. Maternity jeans are still far too big though.

Nicola Xx


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