Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hape Noah's Ark Review

I love wooden toys for the kids. They feel better quality and look great. For the past few weeks Parker has been trying out the Hape Noah's Ark. This is a gorgeous ark that comes with a whole variety of animals plus Noah and his wife. It has a string pull along that your child can pull the ark along the floor. It is recommended for children aged one and over.

Parker is almost two and loves this ark. He has some much fun playing with it. He can play with the animals alone or use the shapes on the side of the ark to place the correct animal inside. He also likes to add other toys into the ark and pull them all around. We also talk about the different animals and the sounds they make and what they are called. Parker is obsessed with animal sounds right now so loves pretending to be a lion or elephant and pointing them out. Paige has just turned four and she also loves to play with the ark.

The little door also opens as another way for the animals to climb inside and the actual roof comes off to get the child easy access to all the animals once they are inside. Parker can sometimes have trouble placing the roof back on correctly but he will learn with time how to do it properly.

There is a good variety of animas included. One thing that slightly bothers me is the zebra, its basically the exact same shape and size as the giraffe. I love how bright and colourful all the animals are though.

A lovely little toy that children of a wide variety of ages will enjoy playing with.

Nicola Xx


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