Monday, 27 June 2016

Mummy and Me - June

Yet another month has flown by. This month included Parkers 2nd birthday and our private gender scan for the baby. We found out that baby is a girl!! I am wanting this confirmed at our 20 week scan but hopefully she stays a girl! Paige is so excited that the baby is a girl, she wants a little sister so badly. Parker doesn't really get it but loves kissing my belly. Parkers birthday was so lovely. We didn't do much but had some lovely mummy, daddy and Parker time in the morning, had a McDonalds lunch and then a little family party in the evening.

Other than that we've had quite a quiet month. We had planned another trip but that didn't go to plan. Paige started ballet and tap lessons which is so sweet. Parker may also be starting nursery in September but we aren't 100% sure yet, hopefully we can get that sorted in July. We also have Paige's school starter meeting in July too and our 20 weeks can so I am really excited for July. Then of course brings the school holidays which I am so excited for.

This months pictures are just us on the sofa, I'm even in winter pj bottoms, haha! I'd left the pictures until the last minute so these were just some quick snaps. I'm surprised that Parker actually looked at the camera as he hates to have his picture taken.

Nicola Xx

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  1. These are sooo lovely! The second one is by far my favourite - so happy and carefree :). I hope Parker had a lovely birthday, and so exciting your having another girl

  2. Oh we had our private scan at 25 weeks because the 20 week NHS one was inconclusive. Also a girl though. Congrats. I was so sure we'd find out at 20 weeks as we did with Aaron.
    Trying to make a start on my Mummy and Me post now xxx

  3. As promised on Twitter I have blogged today and linked up. Great idea for a prompt/linky thank you xx


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