Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Parkers 2nd Birthday

I can't believe that Parker is now two. He always seems so little next to Paige but has really grown up this past month in particular.

We didn't do much for his birthday, just like Paige's, and we plan on taking them both on a birthday day out to the aquarium or zoo in the summer holidays.

We all woke up and opened presents and cards along with breakfast. Paige was at pre school for the morning so we all got ready and went to drop her off. Parker hates saying goodbye to her some morning, he misses her so much. After we went off to vote then headed back home. We then went out for a couple hours running general errands. We got back home and played with the birthday boy and his new toys. After picking Paige up from school at lunch time we headed to McDonalds for a little birthday treat. This had to include ice cream too!

Parker then had his nap at 1:30pm and in the evening we had a little family party for him. He had a little dinosaur cake which he loved.

Then the day was over and it was time for bed. He loved being the centre of attention and honestly it doesn't happen that much. As he is the second child Paige is normally with him and centre stage a lot more often than him as he can be really shy around people he doesn't know that well. He loved his special day though and I can't wait for their special day out trip.

How did you celebrate your toddler turning two?

Nicola Xx


  1. Aww this is lovely. Can't believe he's two already, bless him! Looks and sounds like he had a wonderful birthday. xx

  2. Aw happy birthday Parker, looks like he had a great day! Bo is only 16 months old so not hit the big 2 yet, but it's already hitting me how quickly that will come! xx


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