Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Siblings - June

I have no idea where these months are going. This year seems to be flying! As the months go on Paige and Parker are getting so excited about the baby. I honestly hate to wish time away, especially as this is quite possibly my last ever pregnancy, but I can not wait to see them with their little sister in November.

My pregnancy has led them both to become a little obsessed with babies. They love playing with and looking after Paige's baby who Paige named Sarah. A much better name than Mr T, that's the name Paige wants to call her little sister!

Both of their little imaginations are running wild at the moment, it's so lovely to see. They both play together and apart with toys so well. They both love to colour and draw together and love doing jigsaws with each other too. Paige is a lot better than Parker but he is learning and loves helping Paige.

Parkers birthday is next week and I can't believe he will be TWO. I am so excited to see them together in the coming months. The last few months as a two. It seems so strange that soon there will be another little person in their sibling gang!

Nicola Xx

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  1. Your age gaps must be very similar to mine - my older two are July babies with exactly two years between them and my youngest another two years later in November.
    I love how excited they are - we used to read a book called There's A House in My Mummy's Tummy when I was pregnant and they loved it.

    1. Awww, I do love our age gap. Theres 25 months between Paige and Parker. x

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  3. Aww they look like they're having a blast - and Paige has some great ideas for baby names - maybe not the first name though...!


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