Thursday, 7 July 2016

20 Week Scan - Baby #3

The 2o week scan in any pregnancy always feels like such a big milestone. They check so many things all over the baby and make sure that everything is growing like it should. I am very thankful that with everyone of my 20 week scans they have never found anything of concern.

The scan absolutely amaze me though and the detail is crazy.

This time around Paige came with me as Mark had to stay and watch Parker, the appointment was right in the middle of naptime.

We arrived for the scan after I had drank all my water. I was nervous, I always am. I think its just the worry about something being wrong. We had a 25 minute wait as they were running a little behind. Paige was such a good girl waiting for was starting to get bored.

They called us in and I laid down. As soon as the probe touches your belly and you see your baby it really is the best feeling. The lady started her measurements and had such a good look at baby girl. I actually told her that we didn't know the sex so that she could confirm that she was in fact a girl. Bany girl had her legs crossed so tightly that we almost couldn't check but the lady was so lovely. I was tipped up on the bed and had a good wiggle around on my belly and baby girl finally opened her legs enough so that we could see those 3 white lines that indicate a girl. The lady did check a good few times just to be sure.

All the other measurements were perfect and right on track. We had a big of trouble having a look at baby girls spine but again she finally moved for us to see.
We saw babies hands, feet, legs, arms, brain, heart, spine and even the lenses in her eyes. The lady really zoomed in so we could see everything in such amazing detail. We saw all four chambers of her heart and could see the valves opening and closing. We saw baby girl swallowing fluid and her little tongue.

I don't think Paige could make out a lot of things but she loved seeing baby girls hands, feet and face.

Her little nose and lips were so sweet. The lady kept commenting that she was showing them off and pouting.

My placenta is posterior but is hooked around the front slightly, not a problem at all as baby girls exit is clear so no problems there. Everything else she measured and saw was perfect.

I still find it so strange that there is a perfect but tiny human in my belly.

I can't wait to meet her.

How was your 20 week scan?

Nicola Xx


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