Tuesday, 19 July 2016

21 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby girl is 7 inches long. She still has plenty of space inside the uterus to twist and turn. She will also be sleeping for up to 12-14 hours a day. She swallows a bit of amniotic fluid each day now and depending what I eat the fluid will taste of that.

This week my nausea is really bad. I'm still  on tablets so luckily not acting being sick but the nausea is a killer some days. Most of the time is 24/7, if it isn't then it just goes away after I've eaten and returns in a couple of hours. I've also felt really hungry this week. I do feel like I get quite full quite quickly though but it always only lasts an hour or so. I haven't craved much this week apart from apple pie and ice cream. Heartburn is my other main symptom. I'm still feeling loads of movements, some days more than others but I imagine she tires herself out!

Waist - 28.5, back to what it was at 19 weeks.
Belly - 33 inch, that's half an inch on last week.
Weight - +1lb so 8lbs so far overall.

Nicola Xx

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