Monday, 4 July 2016

My Pal Scout Review

When My Pal Scout first arrived I couldn't wait to set him up and let Parker play with him. First up was personalisation.  You simply plug Scout into your smart phone. It was a really quick and easy process. Scout didn't know the name Parker so had to pick a nickname from a select few or have scout spell out Parker instead. I chose to have him spell out Parker as we don't really call Parker any of the nicknames that we could pick from. I had to set up and account while Scout was connected phone. You also had to keep Scout in the box while you set him up. It only took a few minutes. Everything then stays inside Scout.

Once out the packaging Parker was free to play with scout. It took a while to actually get Scout out of the box, I struggled so had to get Mark to help. Parker loved Scout instantly. He has a similar toy so I was very interested to see how Scout compares.

All of his paws have a different button on them. Depending on what your child presses Scout has a different response. I have to say that we don't really use the night time feature. Maybe if there was some way to lock off the other features but if we put the night time mode on Parker just knocks it off instead. The music is nice though and it counts down minutes until bedtime. Parker is far too interested in actually playing with Scout rather than listening to the night time mode to get him ready for bed.

Parkers favourite is Scouts songs. He sings loads. Incy wincy spider is a current favourite. He also sings a song about Parker through the personalisation we did when we set him up. He spells out Parker. I think Parker is a little young for this feature but Paige loves it! He also asks about your favourite food and colour, again another aspect of the personalisation which is nice. I love that you can personalise those little aspects to really adapt it to your child.

Scouts little name badge lights up when he talks which is lovely. It would be nice if you could press this as another type of button.

Scouts game mode is lovely. He asks for hugs, pretends to be different animals and asks if the child can see certain things that are certain colours. He says a range of emotions too which is nice. Its nice that he sometimes says he feels sad, I think it helps the child to start to understand emotions.

Scout is a lovely size for Parker to play with and isn't too big that I don't want to take him out the house. Scout is recommended for ages 6 months to 3 years and he is perfect. His body is really soft and just lovely to cuddle. He retails for £19.99 which I think it a great price.

Have you tried My Pal Scout?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent Scout for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own*


  1. We got Blake the my pal scout for Christmas and he loves it. He has it in his cot until he falls asleep than we sneek it out.


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