Friday, 8 July 2016

Pizza Express Review - #PizzaExpressIceAge

Want to know a secret? I've never eaten at Pizza Express. When we got asked if we wanted to review them I jumped at the chance. The table was booked for 5pm and we were hungry!!

When we arrived the restaurant was pretty quiet. The waitress just finished up with a table and then sat us down. She came over with menus and activity packs for the kids which they loved. We ordered drinks and were left to look at the menu for a few minutes.

For starters the kids got dough balls from the Piccolo menu which has a new Ice Age theme. Pizza Express are currently collaborating with Ice Age on the Piccolo menu for the new film Ice Age Collision Course which is out in cinemas now! Me and mark got garlic bread and garlic bread with mozzarella.

For mains the kids got the Piccolo American pizza and margherita pizza. Mark got the American pizza and added some extra toppings which you can do. I also got a pizza, margherita buffala, because you can't go to Pizza Express and not try the pizza.

I didn't know what to expect really but once the starters arrived they looked lovely. All were served really well. They both then gobbled them up. Me and mark finished our garlic breads too. They were nice and I'd eat them again but they didn't have much flavour. They were a lovely size though.

The table was cleared and 10 minutes later our mains arrived. Mark loved his. The waitress recommend a spicy sausage that mark particularly enjoyed. Paige and Parkers pizzas looked yummy. Paige ate half a pizza and said she enjoyed it. I think she was a little full up from the dough balls. Parker only ate a little but he can be fussy! We also ordered a side of potato nocciola because they didn't serve chips. They were really yummy and the kids liked them too.

The table was cleared and we were brought the menu again to order deserts. There was a bit of a rush around 6:30pm so we were left waiting a little bit but the waitress apologised for the wait. The deserts arrived and were really good. Paige had ice cream, Parker had brownie, Mark had cheesecake and I had the chocolate glory. The deserts were my favourite part of the meal, they always are though! They were good portion sizes and really yummy. The children also got a bambinoccino with there's.  After we'd finished we were left waiting for a good 15 minutes and the kids were getting grumpy so I decided to hunt down the waitress rather than wait longer for her to come to us.

The staff were friendly and really nice. Always had a smile on their faces. There is plenty to choose from on the adults menu and I'd love to try something different next time. They cater for children really well. The activity packs and hats were a lovely addition and kept the kids entertained while we waited for food. Paige loves the new
Pizza Express Ice Age theme and the little activity sheet kept her busy. There was also plenty on there for older children, we just helped Paige when she needed it! The children can also enter a competition to win some great prizes.

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were provided with a complementary meal for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are our own*


  1. Yum, this is making me hungry! Pizza Express is without a doubt my favourite restaurant to go with the kids- they love it and so do I. xx

  2. I can't believe you have never been before :-) Pizza Express is our favourite and the girls love it. That chocolate glory looks yummy! X #pizzaexpressiceage

  3. Pizza Express is always our 'go to' meal for a relaxed family experience. Their range is so good for all the family to enjoy #pizzaexpressiceage

  4. Pizza Express is always our 'go to' meal for a relaxed family experience. Their range is so good for all the family to enjoy #pizzaexpressiceage


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