Friday, 15 July 2016

Siblings - July

This month has flown by so quickly. I almost forgot all about the siblings linky. It just comes around so quickly.

This last month Paige and Parker are still the best of friends. They play even more and Parker imagination is amazing. They usually love playing with figures/teddies and making them talk but will play with just about anything and everything. Parker can be quite bossy at times and most of the times Paige just goes along with it. She can also be bossy so they kind of balance each other out.

Parker still adores Paige and repeats every work she says. She thinks it's so funny how he copies her. She is still an amazing big sister and is so loving towards Parker and bump.

This months picture was taken just as we were getting Parker up after his nap. Paige asked if she could wake him up and I said yes. She carefully opened his door and sat down next to this cot. She started stroking his arm while gently calling his name to wake him. He laid there for about 5 minutes just enjoying her stroking his arm.

They make my heart melt into a huge puddle. They are so sweet. I'm a little bit sad to lose it just being the two of them but so excited to see them with their baby sister and I get a few more months to enjoy just them both together.

Nicola Xx
The Me and Mine Project


  1. The month just flies by doesn't it! Love this photo, you can see how much Paige loves her little brother and it's so sweet that she asked to wake him up. Can't believe in a few months you'll have 3 little ones in the photos!! xx

  2. That photo is just the sweetest - so much love x


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