Tuesday, 9 August 2016

24 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

Baby is putting on around 6 ounces each week so is gaining weight nicely. Babies face is fully formed just tiny. Their hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are also present but lack pigment. Tastes bubs are also developing and her lungs are also developing. 24 weeks is the first viability point!

This week I've had more symptoms. Daily nausea still which is actually worse in the morning. I'm also so tired in the afternoons, I feel like I'm right back in the first trimester and haven't really had a good stretch of good weeks. I'm feeling baby girl hiccup daily, sometimes multiple times a day which is lovely. Paige used to get hiccups all the time in my belly. I'm still having loads of movements and they are also higher up this week, just above my belly button, I think baby is changing positions a lot too. She does feel higher up and I sometimes have to reposition myself as she feels like she is in my ribs. My friend also felt her move this week, the first person other than myself, mark or Paige! My skin is awful again this week, I swear I've just gone back a trimester! I'm also getting pelvic aches and pains, I have for a few weeks but thought it was just when I was doing too much but its pretty much constant now.

I honestly feel a bit grumpy this week, I'm fed up of feeling nauseous every day. It's become the norm but after over 20 weeks its hard.

Waist: 29 inch, an inch bigger than last week. She is higher up!
Belly: 33 inch, an inch smaller, baby girl has really shifted up higher.

Nicola Xx


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