Friday, 12 August 2016

Little Tikes - Cozy Coupe Dino

Little Tikes are a really well known brand. We have a few items including the sand and water table but until now didn't have the classic Cozy Coupe. We were very luckily able to review one and jumped at the chance. I picked the Cozy Coupe Dino because I knew both Paige and Parker would love it! They both love dinosaurs so I knew they would love a dinosaur car.

Once it arrived it took about an hour to put together. We couldn't find the charger for our electric screwdriver so this made putting it together a little longer but not impossible. I left mark to put it together as I thought he was best for the job and he didn't have any troubles even with Paige and Parker trying to help. They were so excited!

Once together the kids couldn't wait to play. As the weather was rubbish they took it in turns to drive around inside. The car is a decent size and lasts  from 18 months up to 5 years. Paige was 4 in May and seems to be getting to the limit. She can drive the car but does look big inside. The height room is ok but leg room will be really tight very soon. She still absolutely loves it though. 

I would suggest thinking of a place to sort the car before you purchase it as it is quite big. A shed or a garage would be perfect! Luckily we have a garage so it stays in there when the kids aren't playing with it.

Once the weather perked up we got to take the Cozy Coupe outside for the first time. The kids loved it. Paige knows exactly what to do but Parker is taking a little longer to figure out how to go forwards! He has managed going back on his fine though, haha! There is a handle on the back on the car so we can easily push Parker around until he gets the hang of it. Paige loves pushing Parker around the garden too, perks of having a big sister! You also get a removable floor to cover up the hole where the feet go which makes it even easier to push around younger children.

I love the little details on the car. The face, dinosaur spikes, horn, key and petrol cap. They are lovely bright colours and great for little hands to turn, press and open. Parker will sometimes just sit outside the car and open and close the petrol cap. You can see his little brain working out all the little parts. The horn actually works too which the kids love!

The wheels are lovely, quite small but perfect. The front wheels also spin around to make steering super easy.

Overall both children really love their Cozy Coupe. We've had so many people comment on the Dino design and its a lovely addition to the Cozy Coupe collection and perfect for my little monsters!

Does your child have a Cozy Coupe?

Nicola Xx

*Disclaimer - We were sent the Cozy Coupe Dino for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are our own*


  1. Great review lovely! This looks like a great little car. I have been thinking of getting one for Harry so think I may have to buy this as he's loving dinosaurs at the moment xx

    1. Thanks sweetie. It is great!! Parker is loving dinosaurs too x


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