Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Me and Mine - August

August feels like the end of an era. In September Parker starts nursery and then a couple of weeks after Paige starts reception. I'm nervous for them both, I'm nervous for myself. I'm going to have a couple of months where I actually have time to myself. Ok, it will only be 12 hours a week but that's a lot more than I get now. Then when baby girl arrives we will have 12 precious hours together. I think it's really important to have one on one time with new babies.

Mark had some lovely days off during August and it's honestly felt like we've all spent the summer together. If you can even call it summer, we've had more than our fair share of rubbish weather but I'm actually grateful, pregnancy and hot weather don't mix.

Our pictures this month are rubbish! Haha. I really want some lovely ones to capture my belly before bump turns into baby but this month these were the best we could do. We were at the seaside and walking hand in hand. The kids love this but mark hates it, we take up so much room. People always smile at us though, I love it! I also asked Mark to carry my bag for me as it was getting so heavy. I really am so pregnant now, I always forget!

Nicola Xx

The Me and Mine Project


  1. I am so excited to see the little girly when she arrives! Not long to go now! I cant believe Paige will be starting reception! Isla goes next year and I cant even think about it right now without getting emotional xx

    1. Me too!! I still get emotional when I think about Paige in school x

  2. Oh wow so many changes coming in the next months - I'm sure you'll love having even that little time to yourself and then with the new little one - enjoy :)

  3. Happy photo's all the same though! xo

  4. So many changes to come for you, enjoy the time you have though, 12 hours a week is a lot when you are not used to it isnt it? x


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