Monday, 15 August 2016

Siblings - August

Another month gone past in the blink of an eye. I can barely keep up!

This months both kids seem so grown up, Parker learnt to walk upstairs without holding on at all. He is getting so clever and even more cheeky. Paige is excited for big school, but a little nervous. We now have most of her uniform but need to get shoes and a coat soon.

They've had a lot of time together this month with Paige on holidays. They do love spending time together but this month they've both wanted to play separately, especially Paige. She enjoys doing her own thing during Parkers naptime. They spend 99% of their time with each other and for the most part are amazing. Parker seems to be getting really frustrated this month, he wants to do so much more and understand everything but is still too little for somethings and hates it.

They have both loved getting out and about this month. They love adventures together and with us all as a family. Walks in the woods, afternoons in the garden or playing in the park. They both have so much fun together and I am so blessed that they get on so well and love each other so much.

They both still adore bump, especially Paige. I don't think Parker really, truly understands. Paige loves to feel her baby sister move and loves seeing my belly grow. Parker will still randomly kiss my belly but also kisses daddy's belly too, hehe!

Parker has his first stay and play sessions at nursery at the end of this month and then starts early in September. Paige then starts reception in the middle of September. Big changes are ahead for this brother and sister!

Nicola Xx
The Me and Mine Project


  1. Oh what a view for your lovely pictures :) You really do have some big changes ahead, it sounds like September is going to be an exciting month!


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