Friday, 9 September 2016

28 Week Midwife Appointment - Baby #3

I haven't seen my midwife since 16 weeks. I personally think that a 12 week wait (in my case 13 weeks) is a very long time. This is only because it isn't my first baby. You do see them sooner if it's your first. I know I can always ring up if there's problem but it's nice to have a check up every now and again.

Me and Paige dropped Parker off at nursery and headed to the doctors. We were really looking forward to the appointment. Me because I was looking forward to just getting a check up and making sure baby girl was growing ok and Paige because she was excited to come along. She loved coming to the 20 week scan and loves everything to do with the baby.

While there we did the routine things. Checked blood pressure and urine. Both were fine. I was told to book my whooping cough vaccine downstairs after so I did. I laid on the bed and the midwife felt my stomach. She popped her hands on my belly for 2 seconds and said she couldn't tell which was bum and which was head and that was that. She also didn't check babies heartbeat and I forgot to ask, I remembered as we left the doctors. She did measure my belly and it is measuring 2 weeks behind. She plotted it on my chart and said it wasn't an issue yet. I'm just measuring at the lower end of the chart. Funnily enough I measured 2 weeks behind with both Paige and Parker too. Maybe it's just how I carry.

All in all I'm glad that everything is ok with baby girl, a little gutted about not hearing the heartbeat but I will try my best to ask to listen next time. I'll be gutted if she says no. My next appointment is in 3 weeks so I guess the appointments step up a little now.

Did your midwife listen to your babies heartbeat at your 28 week check?

Nicola Xx


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