Tuesday, 6 September 2016

28 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week marks the start of the third trimester. Baby girl is now controlling her body temperature much better than before. She is around 40.6cm long and weigh 2.5lbs. She is still packing on the fat, dreaming, coughing and practising breathing ready for her big entrance. Baby could also be moving into a head down position.

I've had another quite rough week with my HG. I really am getting fed up of it now. Its such a constant feeling of nausea that rarely goes away completely. Its so draining. I'm so tired this week, I'm still not sleeping too well. Baby girl also feel really high up in my ribs, especially towards the end of the day. I always find myself trying to move into a more comfortable position where she isn't in my ribs. She hiccups all the time, it's so cute. Sometimes I feel them 3/4/5 times a day. My skin is still up and down. I'm still quite achy if I do a lot of walking or standing, sometimes getting off the sofa or out of bed is so painful.

I have my third midwife appointment at the end of this week so I'm very much looking forward to that. I haven't seen my midwife since 16 weeks. It feels like such a long time ago. I'm really hoping I get to hear baby girls heartbeat and hopefully the midwife will feel my belly and tell me exactly where baby girl is. For some reason I feel like she isn't head down, not a huge deal at this point if she isn't but we shall see.

Waist - 29 inch, no change.
Belly - 34.25 inch, quarter of an inch bigger than last week.

Nicola Xx


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