Tuesday, 13 September 2016

29 Weeks Pregnant - Baby #3

This week baby girl is the size of a pineapple and maybe over 40.6cm now. She is weighing in at almost 3lbs. Muscles and lungs are continuing to mature and she is still piling on the weight ready for birth.

This week I feel huge and so I should by my measurement growth! Go baby girl! I've had more Braxton hicks this week, especially if I'm up and about doing a lot. I've also had some lovely pinching pain down below, I remember the same with Paige and Parker. I think it's just baby moving around and getting into position. I am hoping she is head down and stays that way. I've had more heartburn this week too, one night it kept me awake on and off the whole night. It was awful. For some reason I seem to remember it so much worse with Paige and this time it doesn't seem as constant or as bad. Lets see if the old wives tale about heartburn and hair is true. Still on HG meds but feeling ok. Skin is ok. I feel good, still some pelvic pain if I walk a lot though. I'm also noticing that if we have a busy day I'm really tired and sore the day after.

Waist - 29 inch, no change
Belly - 36 inch, 1.75 inch up on last week which kind of balances out the previous two weeks me only growing 0.25 inch.

Nicola Xx


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