Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Baby Girl Is Starting School

Today, my first born starts school. I'm not sure where the time has gone. I can't believe that you're old enough to be in reception.

It seems like two minutes ago you were a tiny little newborn who me and daddy brought home from the hospital. We cuddled you non stop and cherished every moment. You always seemed to want to grow up quickly, always in the 98th percentile for height and weight. Always desperate to hit the next milestone. Eager to sit, crawl, cruise and then walk. All way before you turned one.

Then just after your second birthday you became a big sister. We knew you'd would be amazing and you are. You are the best big sister to Parker and so excited to have a new baby to fuss over. You seemed to grow up even more once Parker came, I think that happens a lot. The older sibling always seems that much bigger and more grown up. Since then you've grown up even more.

You can be stubborn and feisty,  outgoing but shy, you are confident and love to perform. But you will always be our little baby. Our first born. The one that made us parents for the very first time.

Summer has flown by so quickly. I kept putting school to the back of my mind, I wasn't ready. I'm still not but you are. I know you're nervous and scared but that's ok. You will be amazing. You won't know many people in your class but you will make new friends easily. You've has already told us that if you see someone playing on their own you will go up to them and play with them.

You can't wait to learn to read and improve your writing. You love maths and you're very eager to learn more. You're excited to eat lunch at school and wear your uniform. You look so cute! We've practised getting dressed and undressed for P.E. If you concentrate you will be fine.

Don't worry, be brave and kind, have fun and listen.

Our baby girl.

Our big girl.

I hope you have a wonderful first day.

Mummy Xx


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