Friday, 16 September 2016

Review - Sophia The First

If your little girl is anything like mine she will love Sophia the First. Paige is obsessed with anything Sofia. She also really loves playing with small figures.

They are perfect for her little imagination to make up stories and she will give each character a little voice, so cute! She loves taking them out and about with her and I don't mind either because they are nice and small and don't take over the whole car.

Paige was recently sent a lovely little package full of Sofia goodies which are all available to buy at Smyths Toys. All the goodies were sent in this adorable Sofia backpack, perfect to carry all your childs toys and maybe an extra set of clothes for a day out too.

Paige loves these cute little figures. With Sophia, Ruby and Jade and all the animals she loves collecting them all and showing them off in her room. They look just like the characters from the show. Each doll includes one animal friend to play with and at 3inch they are perfect for on the go play.

Paige also got sent the Mini Royal Prep Art Class Playset and the Mini Princess Amber's Closet Playset. Both again are a lovely size to take out and about. They are fun, colourful and perfect little toys to collect and play with.

Lastly Paige was sent the Sofia Royal Camera and Tiara. She loves these. She can now dress up and pretend to be Sofia with an adorable crown. She also loves the camera, and although it doesn't take pictures you can look through the viewfinder and see eight scenes featuring Sofia and her friends.

Paige absolutely loves these Sofia The First toys. She can't wait to have the full sets. I think I know what she'll be asking santa for! They are perfect stocking fillers.

Does your child love collecting figures and toys?

Nicola Xx


  1. Oh I love these mini figures and sets they are so cute. They are such a perfect size to play with. I'll be adding some to my 5 year olds birthday shopping list


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