Thursday, 29 September 2016

Starting School - A Week In

Paige has now being at school for over a week. A week of full days. The first three days she did until lunch then on Monday started doing full days. I was nervous for her, it's a big change but she's done amazingly well.

On the first day she fell over and ended up wearing some school socks and hurt her knee but she was fine. She has loved going and is so excited each morning. That first day I went inside the classroom with her, helped her hang her coat and bag up and pick her lunch. I didn't want her to get into the habit of having me there so the next day I let do it by herself. I stood outside the classroom and watched just like I have everyday since but she never sees me.

She seems so big and so grown up. She seems to have come on so much and we are only a week in. Her speech seems better and her confidence has grown. She has made a few friends but no one that really stands out as a best friend but she will get there. She is still getting used to school meals. She says her tummy hurts so stops eating, I honestly think it's hurting because she is hungry but she isn't realising. Hopefully she starts eating more soon, it isn't like she doesn't like the food they are serving. All  just part of the adjustment I think.

She has had her first piece of homework and did so well. She couldn't wait to get home to do it. I wonder how long that will last?!

I am so excited for her but do miss her like crazy. When Parker is home from nursery he always walks around looking for her and calling her name for a few minutes. I know he is really missing her too. We are so proud of how well has is adjusting, still early days but she is doing so well.

How is your child settling into school?

Nicola Xx


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